Your Thoughts

One of the regular features in STIR is a comments section in which we publish feedback about the magazine. Some of the comments we’ve received to date are published below. Whether you would like to give us general feedback, comment on a particular article or work of art or make a suggestion about how we could improve the magazine, we would love to hear from you. You can send your comments via the contact page .

Huge congratulations to all involved; the prisoner editorial board, the contributors, SPS staff and New College Lanarkshire staff who have made this possible. It is an excellent, high quality product that is setting new standards. At Creative Scotland we are proud to be associated with Stir and delighted that its quality and innovation have been rightly recognised by a number of prestigious awards. It is great to see that there is now a Stir website to enable even more people to see the excellent work that is produced. Well done and many thanks.

- Joan Parr Portfolio, Manager Creative Scotland

Simply the most exciting and engaging magazine being produced by prisoners, at the moment, anywhere in the UK. Superb!

- Tim Robertson, Chief Executive, Koestler Trust

A very high quality product, congratulations to all involved, a great achievement.A very high quality product, congratulations to all involved, a great achievement.

- Justina Murray, Chief Officer, South West Scotland CJA

We have just received the first edition of Stir. The paintings, photography, short stories and poetry reproduced in the magazine are excellent. The presentation and design of the magazine is engaging and vibrant. I liked also the music review and all of the other elements of the magazine. Congratulations are due to the prisoners and ex-prisoners who have produced such outstanding work. It was a pleasure to read.

- Assistant Chief Inspector of Prisons, Scotland

I congratulate you on another successful edition of STIR. As ever, the publication provides an excellent medium to profile prisoners in a very professional periodical.

- Tom Jackson, Chief Officer, Glasgow CJA

I was lucky enough to be given a copy  of STIR recently. I am writing to express my pleasure at seeing such an excellent publication and to commend everybody involved in making it happen, not least the highly talented and imaginative contributors. An outstanding piece of work… As a former prisoner I can understand the benefit of creative art within the prison context and the serious significance it can have on an individual inside.

- Pete White, Positive Prisons

Many thanks for your recent mailing of the new edition of STIR. I’m delighted to write from the Scottish Poetry Library’s magazines area, where we’re very glad to have STIR as one of the magazines on display for our library users, and glad to see STIR go from strength to strength. Congratulations to all involved!

- Scottish Poetry Library